Writing Wars: Paperback vs. eBook

Writing Wars is a formal, though heated argument that takes place live on YouTube and Google Hangouts on the last Friday of every month at 11:00 AM EST! Two to five authors, readers, and/or writers come together to argue some of the hottest points in the writing and publishing worlds. And viewers vote for the winners on Facebook!

What: Which is better? ┬áPaperback or eBook (Oh, yeah! I’m poking this bear!)

When: 27 May 2016 at 11:00 AM EST

Where: Right here! Play the video below!

  • Voting is on Facebook.
  • Word Warriors must report to Google Hangouts (Brain to Books will be emailing them the Join Link prior)
  • The Video will be available on YouTube, Google+, Facebook, and here! Wahoo!

“Paperbacks rock! You can’t smell an ebook!”

Word Warrior: Theresa Sky

Word Warrior: Heidi Angell


“Paperbacks are dinosaurs and will be extinct in ten years!”

Word Warrior: Jin Okubo

Word Warrior: Karina Kantas

We have our Word Warriors for May! Check out the June Writing Wars for available slots!

  • You must specify in the form which topic you are applying for as we will soon have many.
  • You must specify which side you will be arguing. If you are open to argue both sides, Brain to Books will assign you a position.
  • You must have a webcam
  • Earbuds or headphones are mandatory
  • You must have a Google+ account as we will be warring on Google Hangouts (Everything else will be posted on Facebook)
  • No character assassination. No name calling. Passion is allowed. This is strictly a “fun” and casual discussion with much tom-foolery encouraged. Swearing is allowed and most likely will occur.
  • Word Warriors take full responsibility of their own opinions.
  • Winner to be decided by the viewers who can vote as soon as we go live on 27 May 2016 at 11:00 AM EST! Respect will be awarded.


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