Writing Wars: Independent vs. Traditional

Writing Wars is a formal, though heated argument that takes place live on YouTube and Google Hangouts on the last Friday of every month at 11:00 AM EST! Two to five authors, readers, and/or writers come together to argue some of the hottest points in the writing and publishing worlds. And viewers vote for the winners on Facebook!

Topic: Traditional is better than Indie publishing and we should all aspire to be trad!

Air Date: TBA as soon as we have the candidates

Status: Currently looking for three additional sign ups!

Deadline: 1 July 2016

“Traditional is better than Indie publishing and we should all aspire to be trad!”

Available Candidate

Available Candidate


“Trad sucks! Indie rocks!”

Available Candidate

Available Candidate


If you want to jump in this conversation on Google+ fill out the form below!

  • You must specify in the form which topic you are applying for as we will soon have many.
  • You must have a webcam
  • Earbuds or headphones are mandatory
  • You must have a Google+ account as we will be using Google Hangouts
  • You must follow the rules of Formal Argument. No character assassination. No name calling. No aggression. Passion is allowed. This is strictly a “fun” and casual discussion with much tom-foolery encouraged. Swearing is allowed and most likely will occur.
  • Candidates take full responsibility of their own opinions.
  • Winner to be decided by the viewers who can vote at the end of the argument. Respect will be awarded.




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