What is B2BCyCon?

What is B2BCyCon?

Mass Cross-promotion

Most promotional events for authors consist of a blog tour or a radio interview. Several new authors struggle dipping their toes into marketing. Maybe they blast out a message on Twitter. Perhaps they blog. Maybe they’ve organized a small blog tour. Some promotional events consist of a single article posted on someone’s blog (a guest post). Maybe the author sends out a monthly newsletter. These are some marketing tactics and promotional tools authors use to promote their books.

Some marketing events are small–like a tweet on Twitter. While other marketing events take up a lot of work and people to organize–like a blog tour. One author invites their platform, which can range from 50 to 50,000 readers. The average audience for undiscovered authors in their first three years is 600. An event might bring in 5% of those 600. That’s 30 people. Three weeks later, the same author may invite the same group of readers to a different event. 5% of those readers–usually the same readers—show up.

The elevator pitch

Brain to Books takes the idea of a single author event and combines the marketing efforts of all authors in the writing community for CyCon. We organize dozens of promotional events–as many as we can think of–and synchronize them all to take place at the same time in an attempt to draw in the largest audience we can get to hear our message. This is mass cross-promotion.

Why it works

This method of mass cross-promotion allows authors to easily cross-promote each other across an audience they normally wouldn’t have access to. This is a marketing technique called “guerilla marketing”. Marketing is all about numbers and CyCon combines the work efforts of hundreds of authors to get the largest set of numbers in one shot.

We utilize our own marketing know-how to provide authors with a chance to “ride” the marketing wave we create so authors get the audience they need with minimal work on their end.

Just send us your information (book covers, book excerpts, hyperlinks, bios, etc) and tell your writing community about CyCon. We’ll do the rest. That is the only requirement you commit to when joining CyCon. We provide the graphics you need to market. We provide the directions you need to market. Just follow the instructions and you’re done. Marketing has never been easier. Many hands make for light work and, in the case of CyCon, there are hundreds of hands and vast results.

How does it work?

Brain to Books has selected a time when authors agree to meet. A “let’s all meet here again on this day.” In the meantime, blast out this message.” Authors set their watches and then spend a few months telling their readers about the event. For every author registered at CyCon, there are dozens…hundreds…thousands of readers behind that author. The goal is to have as many authors bring in as many readers as they can to create one of the largest online audiences in the world.

Brain to Books decided, since we have all these readers together, let’s not just do a blog tour or a single Facebook Event…Let’s do it all. Let’s not just feature ten authors or fifteen. Let’s invite them all. Let’ make this so big, readers will want to attend to get the most for their time.

Readers enjoy freebies, excerpts, giveaways, sales, games, contests, and–best of all–they discover the hidden world of undiscovered authors: books they can’t find anywhere in the world.

Brain to Books partners with authors from around the world and we pull out all the stops. Every promotional event you’ve ever heard of–and even the ones you haven’t heard of–are arranged to go on for three days, world wide.

Where is CyCon?

Many authors ask where CyCon is. They may think of the Science Fiction Convention in San Diego or the State Fair. This is not a physical location. You don’t get in you car and drive cross-country to CyCon. You don’t buy plane tickets or rent hotel rooms. Brain to Books CyCon is all online. That’s right, it is a convention that takes place online–literally a Cyber Convention–so anyone can attend anywhere. Events are arranged and organized via email, Goodreads, and Facebook between authors, volunteers, and event hosts. Volunteers are online 24/7 all over the internet via email, Skype, Google Hangouts, and FaceTime, and are ready to walk authors through any event they want.

Brain to Books utilizes any and all online sources we can find. We have done our best to utilize the Internet’s potential to create a global communication network. Our headquarters are in Endicott, NY (Just down the street from the first IBM buildings) and minutes away from home of Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling. We have volunteers in Washington, Greece, Japan, Australia, Canada, UK, Israel, and India.

How can I use CyCon for me?

CyCon is a chance for authors to try any and all marketing tactics we can think of. Some marketing works, and some simply doesn’t. CyCon is your chance to try it all and find out what works for you. Go in with a plan. We can help you build a plan if you don’t have one…and you should have a plan. It will greatly increase your chances for success. Use trial and error then the process of elimination to design your next marketing plan. Leave CyCon more confident than ever about marketing.

How can I make the most out of CyCon?

  1. The first thing we recommend is to schedule a book release for CyCon. Very little draws in readers like the words, “New Release” and you can only use those words once per book. During CyCon, you most likely will have one of the largest audiences in the early days of your career.
  2. Take advantage of your skills. Not everyone enjoys blogging. Some authors are camera shy. Many authors new to marketing are convinced they have to conduct marketing they won’t enjoy. This can not be farther from the truth. Marketing only works if you are doing something you truly enjoy. If you are enjoy blogging, plan on a blog post for CyCon, call us up and have us add it to the itinerary. Are you eager to get on the radio? Consider a radio interview on Back Porch Writer or join Joe Compton with GoIndieNow on Joe Live. Whatever you enjoy, do it. Try it. See what works for you.
  3. Take advantage of the Book Expo. While many readers browse CyCon, most readers (if not all) will be stopping in at the Book Expo. There, we will be displaying every book registered in CyCon. Readers can browse a single page and view every book sorted by genre. With a click of a button, they will be taken to Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, or Kobo to buy.
  4. Use CyCon to build your newsletter subscribers. Newsletters have been proven to be one of the most effective means of marketing available to authors with little to no budget. They usually cost nothing, and they accumulate all your fans into one place. Subscribers have said in one form or another, “Hey! I like this. I am interested in knowing more.”
  5. Have a Call To Action. Attending CyCon will do little for you without a call to action. A Call to Action is a single message, a direction, you want readers to take. Many authors think, “Buy my book” is the ultimate call to action. Brain to Books strongly recommends “Subscribe to my newsletter.” Most readers who stumbles upon your book is most likely to walk away than buy a book they’ve never seen before. More readers will be more willing to subscribe to a free newsletter than drop money on a book. And a newsletter allows you to nurture that fandom and ease them into buying your book with leisure.
  6. Go in with a plan. The first and biggest mistake authors make with marketing is they don’t have a marketing plan. Get one. Many of your efforts are wasted without one. How do you build a marketing plan? Here are some tips.
    • Know what marketing tactics are available. We recommend guerilla marketing and drip marketing (more on this later). Interruption marketing is not recommended. It is expensive, requires a lot of hard work, and has very low, and unsuccessful results. Shove these terms in the back of your head for now. CyCon is guerilla marketing.
    • Once you decide on the tactic to use, browse the options within that category. For example, if you are using drip marketing, you may consider using newsletters, word of mouth, blogging, and networking to deliver your message to the masses.
    • Select three to five methods from the list of options. This is called a marketing campaign. Be ready to track the results of your campaign. You will need to review data to determine if you selected the best tactics for your audience.
    • Execute. Without a doubt, this is the hardest step of a marketing plan. Many authors simply do not know how to execute. Maybe they don’t know how to execute effectively. Education and experimentation is where CyCon can help. We provide the opportunity and the direction to make the transition from planning to doing.
    • Evaluate. Adjust. Rinse. Repeat. One you have your data in, review your campaign. Compare numbers. What worked? What didn’t? Go back to the category and select new things to try. Maybe your podcast didn’t work out as well as your newsletter. Consider dropping the podcast and try blogging instead. Make adjustments to your plan. Execute. Re-evaluate. Assess. Re-adjust. We recommend evaluating your plan one every four to six months.

How much does CyCon cost?

It’s free! Authors can custom build their CyCon experience based on their needs without any financial limit.

How do I get involved?

Authors interested in jumping in must register and fill out the author registration form provided after purchase. You can view all the events we offer.


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