If you are interested in volunteering for the 2018 B2BCyCon season, take a moment and fill out this form. Angela B. Chrysler will message you in September with further instruction. Until then, enjoy your summer!


As a volunteer, you are commiting to:

  • Being involved with Brain to Books from January to April 15 as needed
  • Inventing, organizing, arranging, and planning the events you volunteered for from January to April
  • Being in a position to have all the events you volunteered for readdy for CyCon by 17 March 2017
  • Be ready to adopt any responsibility you volunteered for as your very own
  • Be available during the Cyber Convention
  • Be ready to talk, network, and mingle with authors in the Author Portal from October to April
  • Be ready to provide a public email address so that our authors can contact you
  • You must have a positive attitude

As a volunteer, you do not need to have previous experience. This can be your first year to CyCon.

We have one rule at Brain to Books: You think it. You’re building it. You can not pass off your idea to Angela. She will say no.


What is it like to volunteer for CyCon?

Testimonials to come…

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