The Joy of Reading

Celebrate the Joy of Reading

Hello. I am Angela B. Chrysler.

In 2014, I launched Brain to Books and began helping authors get their books to readers through the Annual Brain to Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo. At CyCon, authors reach out to readers, they network, and reunite with friends. See this in action.

In celebration of our fifth anniversary, we are bringing our Annual Brain to Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo live to Endicott, New York and we need all the local help we can get. What we envision is a project where students and teachers are involved. Businesses come together, and local authors and book lovers unite to celebrate the joy of reading.


Get involved:

Our Book Convention is not like any other convention. It is a community event. We come together to celebrate reading. What more could a teacher or parent want for their child’s education?


Brain to Books is hosting a “Read-a-thon” in the months leading up to the Cyber Convention. We would love for you to help us get the word out to students.

High school Students

Very little teaches us how important we are than getting involved with something bigger than ourselves. Brain to Books is looking for students to help out with set up/tear down, cash handling, and directional assistance. We will need people at the door, selling tickets to newcomers. We will people who can help direct readers with questions. Authors need to take breaks from standing at a table all day. They need time to eat and use the bathroom. We need someone to manage their tables for them while they step out during the day.

College Students

Every year we host a series of “Character Tournaments.” In April 2019, we are bringing this to life in a theatrical competition where the winning performers walk away with the funds raised for this event. We are inviting actors from colleges and theater groups to come and perform excerpts from our author’s books. Readers attending CyCon Live will vote for “best performance” and the winning group wins the money authors paid for this event. Divide the winnings among yourselves, add funds to your drama department, or put the money toward your stage.

Local Businesses

We are using this opportunity to boost our local economy. Local Pride is a side project hosted during CyCon Live. Readers will have the chance to browse the reading selection and catch a glance of the services you offer.


This event is yours. This is a convention designed exclusively to attract readers to books. Become a vendor and take advantage of this opportunity.

Book Lovers

99.7% of all published books can not be found in any local bookstore. At CyCon Live we present as many of those books as we can. We also offer competitions, entertainment, giveaways, swag, games, and so much more.




For more information visit our website at

To get involved, contact Angela B. Chrysler via email [email protected] or call/text 607.232.6158.

Angela B. Chrysler

Brain to Books,

Owner and Coordinator

Cell: 607.232.6158

Email: [email protected]



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