Historical Fiction/Western Pack


The Historical Fiction/Western Pack gives you an all access pass to everything Historical Fiction and/or Western within the convention.

Only applies to one Historical Fiction and/or Western title.

Includes the following:




This event requires:

  • One submission of the Book Expo Form
  • Your submission’s ASIN (limit 1 per purchase)
  • Your Author Bio
  • Your submission’s series title

Upon Check Out

Once you have completed check out, you will receive a “purchase note” directing you to the Author Portal on Goodreads. In the Author Portal, you will find a welcome letter, contact information, and all the links you will need to participate in CyCon 2018 including the forms required to get your information to us.


The Fine Print
Participation in any and all Brain to Books events does not guarantee a change in sales. While some authors have reported an increase in sales, this is not something we guarantee. While readers do attend the Brain to Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo, Brain to Books should be viewed as a networking/marketing event to boost your visibility and strengthen your relationship within the publishing community. Any increase in sales you may see as a result of Brain to Books is to be viewed as a bonus for participation. If you do see an increase in sales due to the Brain to Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo, feel free to share your results with us.