Author Interviews (2018)



Appear with Back Porch Writer in the weeks leading up to the Convention



Interviews will begin on 1 February 2017 and end on 9 April 2017.

Author and host, Kori D. Miller returns in 2018 to host Brain to Books Authors on Back Porch Writer. This interview lasts about 30 minutes.

Authors will be provided with graphics to advertise their appearance.

This event requires:

  • silent recording environment
  • earbuds/headphones
  • webcam
  • microphone
  • YouTube account

Appearances are by appointments only. Appointments are limited.*

Ordering this event places your name on a waiting list. Authors will be assigned based on availability.

*Ordering this event does not guarantee an appearance. A refund will be issued for those who ordered this event but were not granted an appearance.

A word from Kori D. Miller in 2017 (An updated report will be provided shortly)

My current plan is to use the Blog Talk Radio platform. I can interview people live for the weeks leading up to CyCon beginning March 20th and concluding April 9th. I use the free version of Blog Talk and this allows me to schedule one show per day before 6 p.m. CDT. The recordings can be downloaded, shared, and/or people can be re-directed to Back Porch Writer to listen. This would give about 15 people an opportunity to promo their work.

The other option I have is to use Zencastr to pre-record. This will allow me to interview more people and the audio would be available via the Back Porch Writer Youtube channel instead of Blog Talk Radio. This one takes more time because of editing and creating the slides for YouTube, so I’ll probably still have to put a cap on the number.

My dual approach really depends on how many authors get in touch. For people in other countries, Zencastr is more flexible.


After Check Out

You MUST access the Author Portal on Goodreads to receive further direction.


The Fine Print
Participation in any and all Brain to Books events does not guarantee a change in sales. While some authors have reported an increase in sales, this is not something we guarantee. While readers do attend the Brain to Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo, Brain to Books should be viewed as a networking/marketing event to boost your visibility and strengthen your relationship within the publishing community. Any increase in sales you may see as a result of Brain to Books is to be viewed as a bonus for participation. If you do see an increase in sales due to the Brain to Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo, feel free to share your results with us.