Our Mission

“To create the opportunities authors need to succeed. To provide all authors with a high quality alternative to traditional publishing. Friends. Family. Unity.”

– Angela B. Chrysler (Brain to Books Founder)

Our mission with Brain to Books is three-fold:


To provide marketing opportunities to authors at an affordable price.

Nothing is more grossly neglected by today’s undiscovered author than marketing. This isn’t for a lack of trying. It’s for a lack of resources. Brain to Books meets this need. We don’t just provide the tools. We create the marketing events authors need, but can’t afford.  Authors too often neglect marketing. Most simply don’t know how. Brain to Books not only teaches you how to market, we provide the events you need to market then hold your hand along the way. Nothing does this better than the Brain to Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo.


To provide authors with a one-stop-shop center for resources and answers.

We are in the business of collecting the answers and resources you need in a one-stop-shop source. If we don’t have the answer for you, we get it for you. Everything you need is right here. Have a look at A to Z Everything an Author Needs. The list is ever growing. We are always looking for answers. If you offer a service, we would love to pass it along to our authors! Tell us what service your company offers and we’ll add your business to our list! Our authors are looking for you. Help them find you.


To hand authors the information and answers they so desperately need.

We desire nothing more than to better prepare you for publication. To do this, we love providing the education and answers you need to make better and informed decisions. Traditional or indie? Agent or no agent? What exactly does it cost to get started? How do you build a website? Where do I find an editor? How much does a starting author really make? I mean, really? Brain to Books is at your service.

If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to or don’t have the time yourself to check, please ask us. If we don’t already have the answer, then, like you, we need to have the answer. Ask a question and we’ll write up an article on what we find, email you the answer, and thank you for contributing to our mission. Your answers await your questions in The Classroom.


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