NOTICE: 2017 Brain to Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo

To all of you awaiting a volunteer position for the Brain to Books Cyber Convention:

A number of things are changing for the 2017 Annual Cyber Convention. My goal with Brain to Books events is to keep Brain to Books Events as user-friendly as possible while sharing the work load among all participating authors. I do not believe one person should do the work of many, and I strongly believe we will reach more readers when we all do our part.

Brain to Books is operated, managed, organized, and paid for all by Angela B. Chrysler who takes time out of her writing schedule, family life, and financial budget to build the Brain to Books Cyber Convention in addition to monthly events.

In 2016, the Convention grew so large, help was required and some very talented authors came together to provide priceless assistance to Brain to Books. But with the numbers we are projecting for 2017, their help is still not enough.

For this reason some changes are required for the 2017 season. Please read through the User Guide for the 2017 Brain to Books Cyber Convention.

1 – All participating authors will be REQUIRED to advertise, promote, and sell the Convention to their readers best to their ability. Brain to Books and select authors are no longer able to manage the work load of advertising the Convention alone and we simply do not have the funding for paid advertising…yet.

2 – All participating vendors MUST post the Brain to Books logo on their website during the Cyber Convention. Graphics will be provided by Angela B. Chrysler.

3 – Hand holding is no longer possible. For those of you who are not tech savvy, sadly, Brain to Books is no longer able to provide individual support. We are simply experiencing too much growth to give each and every member our undivided attention and private instructions. If you are not tech savvy, we strongly recommend reaching out to a friend or family member for assistance. We must strongly enforce this rule.

We are looking into providing a live “Help Line” in addition to providing a number of help videos and free virtual manuals.

4 – Going forward, HMTL Code will be required. Those who are unable to send HMTL Code or lack the knowledge of HTML will be charged $25.00 for set up. A programmer charges $100.00 an hour to start. When raw materials are provided, a five minute task instantly takes up to an hour to complete depending on how much or how little the author provides. Again, we strongly recommend reaching out to a friend or family member for assistance.

5 – The Convention is so large, that we are no longer able to offer this event free to participating authors. While readers and guests are granted free admission to encourage their attendance, all participating authors will be charged $5.00 per event. Authors are permitted to sign up for as many events as they can manage.

6 – A database is now being set up for the 2017 Brain to Books Convention. Here is how it works. An author must submit their material to their assigned manager based on the first letter of their last name. The manager will then add the author’s information to a data base on Goodreads. Bloggers and event hosts will then have access to the database where they will then obtain any information required for their events.

7 – We will no longer hunt for your material. If you do not send it, we will not post it. If you fail to submit a cover, an author picture, a blurb, or buy links, they will not be added to the database on Goodreads. Authors will have access to review the database and see what information is missing. AUTHORS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ALTER, CHANGE, OR ADD ANYTHING TO THE DATABASE. THEY MUST GO THROUGH THEIR ASSIGNED MANAGER.

8 – All deadlines for the Cyber Convention are now set one week prior to the event. This is to allow bloggers the time to complete set up.

9 – All live events—with the exception of contests and giveaways—will no longer be hosted directly through Brain to Books. During the convention, authors need to be selling the Convention. All posts and appearances will be prepared and scheduled in advance. The only exception to this are any and all live video feeds such as Joe Live, Panel Discussions, or live book reviews.

10 – If you have volunteered a project or an idea, you must be willing and able to host that project or idea during the Convention. You are the most passionate about your idea and will most likely be the best at your event.

11 – All events must be set up and organized according to Brain to Books Guide Lines. No exceptions.

Further details are coming soon. Thank you greatly for your understanding.


Positions Currently Being Filled:

1 – Authors able and willing to take emails and “calls” for those who need extra assistance. Authors needing help will locate the letter of their last name to locate their corresponding Help Line. PLEASE LIMIT YOUR CALLS TO THESE ASSISTANTS.

1 – A to H

2 – I to P

3 – Q to Z

2 – Data Collectors: These are people who will be receiving HTML Code and Raw Materials from authors to add to the database on Goodreads

A to E –

F to J –

K to O –

P to T –

U to Z –

3 – All hosts and event coordinators are simply authors and bloggers who have volunteered an idea they are responsible for hosting. Angela B. Chrysler will be in touch with you shortly.

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