Getting Started

Updated 17 January 2019 by Angela B. Chrysler

Follow these eight simple steps and join our ever growing CyCon family.


Step 1:  Order Your Events

Customize your CyCon experience. We have a variety of events to choose from. You can always make changes to your order. Remember, by ordering an event, you are communicating what you want and what we need. Every order is reviewed and manually entered into our database.

Step 2:   Review your Order Confirmation

Once you place your order, Brain to Books volunteers enters yours order into the database. You will receive a confirmation email via Google Forms detailing your order. This information is entered manually and may contain human error. Please be sure your information is correct and keep this email for your records.

Step 3:   Read the Welcome Letter

Your Order Confirmation also includes the Welcome Letter. The Welcome Letter contains  all the links you will need for CyCon 2019. Be sure you read up on the Welcome Letter, and follow the next set of directions.

Step 4:  Fill out the Author Form

Right away, we will need three things from you: your author name, your email address, and which genre(s) you write. When you make a purchase with Brain to Books, we receive only the name and email address affiliated with your PayPal account. If your author name and/or email address differs from the data you have registered with PayPal, we won’t be able to find you. For this reason, it is imperative that you fill out the Author Form as soon as you place your first order. You only need to submit the Author Form once, regardless of how many orders you place.

Step 5:  Join the Author Portal

The Author Portal is filled with links, advice, contact information, directions, need-to-know instructions, and free events exclusive to registered authors. This is where basic materials and announcements are posted for all your needs, including past newsletters for late arrivals. A link to the author portal is provided in every Order Confirmation.

Step 6:   Fill out the Book Form.

The Book Form is designed to provide us with all your book’s information for the B2BCyCon website. You will need to fill out this form for every book you are submitting to the Book Expo. Angela B. Chrysler and Genre Managers may contact you for additional information.

Step 7:   Join Live Support.

B2BCyCon offers Live Support on Facebook where you can talk to CyCon veterans, post questions, mingle, and meet new authors. This link is available in the Author Portal and in your Order Confirmation.

Step 8:   Tell your readers.

Tell your readers, share the news, post CyCon graphics on your website, blog, and social media. Mention CyCon in your newsletters. Tell your readers. Let them know that you and your books will be seen at the largest online book event in April.

Step 9:   Check In.

Check in and view our progress, follow up with us, or track set up. Check In is a page made available to registered authors so they have a way of knowing what they need to do each step of the way.


And you’re done!

Timothy Bateson is available for questions via email at [email protected]



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