From Brain to Books to Paperback Part #4

From Brain to Books to Paperback Part #4
Published on: Jun 3, 2015

I had to record this today because it astounded me.

I ordered the “samples” from CreateSpace two days ago. TWO DAYS. Like… 1 June 2015. These samples were samples for me to compare “glossy” cover to “matte” cover for the print of Dolor and Shadow. They cost $2.99 each. I assumed I would be getting little 2×3 paper stock samples in two weeks.

The samples arrived TODAY…3 June 2015…via UPS. And what did they send me? BOOKS! Two full 6×9 books about 150 pages each. One made of with a matte finish. The other glossy. Don’t know the difference?

Check out Name The Wind ISBN 978-0-7564-0589-2 That is a Matte finish.

All the Harry Potter books are matte finish.

In turn, most romance novels are glossy finish.

I will be taking a picture of these samples and uploading them to this article so you can see what they sent me because…WOW! Excellent quality! The samples also include CreateSpace’s interior, font, interior paper stock, everything include images! So amazing!

To summarize, the quality of CreateSpace exceeds some of the stuff I’ve seen from the Big Six! So you know! 🙂

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