From Brain to Books to Paperback Part #3

From Brain to Books to Paperback Part #3
Published on: Jun 1, 2015


I am currently balancing multiple projects, but wanted to get this up asap. I AM going back to format, clean up, and edit this. Just need to clear space off my desktop first.

“Angela, why didn’t you just save it as a draft instead?”

“Because my inquisitive reader, then I will have forgotten about it :)”

CREATESPACE: From Brain to Book to Paperback

When you begin Createspace, you will see four items on a menu. This menu has subcategories for you to go through.

1 – You can go back and save your progress at anytime.

2 – You can not finalize this process unless the book is written and ready

3 – You will need a) a book b) a cover saved to a PDF file THEY WILL NOT TAKE JPEG

Join the Community
Create a Preview
Editorial Services
Illustration Services

Title Information
Complete Setup

This article stops at this point. At the end of this process, you will have uploaded your cover, your book, and selected/designed the interior as well as completed tax and royalty information. It will leave you sitting back and waiting for the Proof. “The Proof” is publishing talk for “physical paperback copy of your book.” YOU REALLY SHOULD REVIEW YOUR PROOF FOR ERRORS.


File Review
Proof Your Book


Cover Finish
Publish on Kindle


Track Sales
Marketing Services
Get ideas in Resources

Then “Contact Support” under that.


Five Steps:
1 – Provide Book Information:

Title: Subtitle: Author, Edited, Maps, Cover Design, You can also add your own “contributors.”

You can select “This book is part of a series” and add the title

Edition number


Publication Date

closePublication Date

By leaving this field blank, we will automatically assign the publication date for your book—your publication date is the day you approve your book for publishing.

If you are re-publishing a book, you can enter the date the book was originally published here.

The publication date cannot be changed after you submit this book for publishing.


What to do on this page:

An ISBN is required to publish and distribute a book. Compare ISBN options and find the one that’s right for you.

* You can skip this section if you haven’t decided which ISBN option to use, but you’ll need to complete this page before you can publish your book. Return to your Project Homepage


978-0692427026 (Angela B. Chrysler)



There is an option for you to purchase through Amazon. I did this and was provided with a professional ISBN-13 number, which is required by Barnes and Noble

At this section, you will need to select your book’s paper color, trim size (6′ x 9′ is the most common)

Upload your book

“Interior file

Select “Bleed.” You have two choices.

Bleed Samples

Run automated print checks and view formatting issues online.IMPORTANT

This will take awhile, but you can move on to the cover while you wait.

Here, they also provide an option to talk to professionals “starting at $199 USD”

Upload your PDF, DOC, DOCX and “launch interior reviewer” DO THIS!

After uploading Dolor and Shadow, they found 2 errors.

1 – Error was for my map. “This image is only 131 DPI, so it may appear blurry and pixelated in print. For optimal printing, we recommend all images be at least 300 DPI.

Same thing with my JPEG trinity knot.

I was given 3 choices.

1 upload a different file

2 launch reviewer so I can see what the book will look like

3 – skip interior reviewer

Save and continue or…go back and fix

Ignore issues and continue.

1 – I need “Part One” added to the book and placed on the right hand side of the page.

2 – “Part Two” appears on the left hand page. I would like this to appear on the right side of the page.

3 – About the author needs to be grossly condensed. Rewritten


GLOSSY OR MATTE FINISH (You can order a sample of each…for $2.66 per sample)

I ordered samples:

Standard Shipping $4.18 Estimated Delivery Date: Mon, Jun 15, 2015

Expedited Shipping $12.37 Estimated Delivery Date: Wed, Jun 10, 2015

Priority Shipping $18.97 Estimated Delivery Date: Tue, Jun 09, 2015

Total was $9.92 for the samples.


Dolor and Shadow wrap PRINT(1).pdf

Upload a Print-Ready PDF Cover (Your cover MUST be PDF)

You can also purchase a Professional Cover Design (Starting at $399. USD)

Build Your Cover Online

I paid less than $150.00 for mine at ___

Complete Setup

What happens once files are submitted?

We ensure your book meets our PDF Submission Requirements.
You receive an e-mail within 24 hours with next steps.
While you wait, set up your distribution channels.

While we’re reviewing your book, you will not be able to upload revised PDF files or edit your book’s information.

Help Box

Learn how to make your cover and interior PDF to meet our specifications.

Visit Book Help for content guidelines.

Go to our Community for additional support.

When is the Review Process complete?

After you approve your proof. Once you receive, carefully review, and approve your proof, the Review Process will be complete.


Oops.. No problem, they gave me a link to go to.

Direct Deposit is an option J

Submit tax info is right below that.

Federal Tax Classification. In most cases, you are an individual/sole proprietor

Fill out info for a W-9


In Review
Please allow 1-2 weeks for us to process your tax information.

Your tax information has been submitted and is under review by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Tax information cannot be changed during this time. Your account status will be updated if further information is necessary.

This form was complete on 1 June 2015 … I am now sitting back and waiting for CreateSpace to mail me my proof.

(Images lost in transfer from site to Facebook)

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