From Brain to Books to Paperback Part #2

From Brain to Books to Paperback Part #2
Published on: Jun 1, 2015


Before we begin, I am going to review the terminology with you.  The first sample is the “3D Mock Up.” The 3D Mock Up is 100% about presentation. It is on par with a professional chef serving a beautiful dish in an artistic way. Over the past six months, I have seen some stunning 3D Mock Ups. When you shop for a cover artist, you will want to ask your cover artist about this. The 3D Mock Up communicates “professionalism” to your readers.

Tales of the Drui Book #1 3D
Sample of a 3D Mock Up (SEE IMAGE)

The next thing I want to show you is the wrap. A wrap has two styles to it and the difference will determine the price tag. The full wrap is a single picture where the front cover extends to create a second picture on the back. The second style of wrap is when the Cover Artist reuses the front picture for the back cover. Before you go condemning the regular wrap, I want to point out that many professionals and the Big Six use regular wraps to save money.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00022]

One reader came to me about me eBook and congratulated me on the back cover. He said,

It’s sad that authors have been neglecting the back covers since eBooks. The back of a cover adds so much and your is as stunning as the front. Excellent job!

I can not speak for the majority, but if a book lacks a back, I am less likely to buy it. Something to think about.

And of course, your classic 2D cover. (SEE IMAGE)

Dolor and Shadow I also had bookmarks made for Dolor and Shadow. When I order 250, it comes out to .02 cents per bookmark! And what a lovely surprise when someone purchases the paperback from me directly.

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