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Welcome to the 4th annual Brain to Books Holiday  Giveaway!

Every year, between Black Friday and Boxing Day, Brain to Books organizes a compilation of books that we award to one winner. Instant home library! Books range in genre, format, shapes, and sizes. There is no limit to how many books you wish to donate. Authors are responsible for all expenses accrued with shipping and handling and must fulfill their commitment within 30 (26 January 2018) days after the winner is selected.

  1. An InstaFreebie account is required
  2. Authors who donate a book may not enter the giveaway.
  3. Multi-genre authors may donate additional genres and/or formats.


Questions? Check out our FAQ.

We have three separate giveaways to enter!

  1. eBook giveaways offered through Instafreebie (See Below)
  2. Paperback Mass Giveaway
  3. Facebook Author Event where we announce the winners.


We also are offering…

The Holiday Book Expo: an exclusive offer to Instafreebie Authors!


1 ) Enter an eBook

Choose your genre(s)

Have a book you wish to donate? It has never been easier to donate a book to one of our giveaways. Select the genre(s) of your choice and follow the directions on InstaFreebie.

Important Note: Instafreebie giveways are not your conventional giveaway. By posting an eBook on Instafreebie, readers view your book and “claim” your book. This means download, own, and read. Any number of readers can “claim” your book. The goal of these giveaways is to get your book into the hands of as many readers as possible. 




2) Enter a Paperback

Submit your book

Important Note: Paperback giveaways are traditional giveaways. A drawing will be held on 26 December 2017 when we announce the winner at our Facebook Takeover Event. Authors are responsible for shipping and handling expenses that may accrue.


3) Facebook Author Event

Join us live on Facebook when we announce the winners on 26 December 2017. Games, prizes, and more giveaways! Plus, all you can claim in eBooks available on Instafreebie!




This is a beta.

October 2017, Brain to Books collaborated with Instafreebie to provide authors and readers with a new giveaway interface and we need to run some giveaways to learn how this works. Thank you for your patience.

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