CyCOn Live FAQ


Is this a Convention, Conference, or Book Expo?

This is a Book Convention presented as a “Traveling Book Store” with titles never seen in local stores.

How many vendors are expected to attend?

100 vendors are expected to attend. Authors are already lining up to purchase tables. An number of authors are shipping their books to CyCon Live. We have no idea how many titles will arrive without their authors.

How many of the vendors are authors?

95% to 98% of our vendors are self-published or small-press published authors.

Is this kid-friendly?

Yes! There will be alcohol sold on site.

How many readers are expected to attend?

2,000 readers per day. This estimate is based on the attendance seen at the annual Penguin Book Sale.

What is the reading demographic like in Endicott, NY?

2 out of 3 people in the Tri-Cities area read. We are a college town and within an hour from Ithaca College, Syracuse University, Cornell University, and just 10-minutes from Binghamton University. We are surrounded by artistic and literate communities that are passionate about reading.

What activities will be at CyCon Live?

Wine tasting hosted by Americana Vineyard will be presented. A local martial arts studio will be providing demonstrations in the Young Adult section. Giveaways, Cover Wars, and raffles are scheduled. A number of Panel Discussions will be presented. A coffee-shop hosted by Java Joe’s will be available on site where readers can lounge with their purchases and a coffee, glass of wine, or something from the bar. We are working on bringing in some local actors to provide staged

When do tickets go on sale?

As soon as we lock down prices for the catering, vendors can start reserving tables. We are planning on opening our doors no later than 1 June 2018.

Readers can start purchasing tickets 1 January 2019.

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