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Brain to Books connects authors with bloggers in an easy-to-follow system that creates an instant blog tour for authors. With 100+ bloggers on stand-by, building a blog tour has never been so easy. Bloggers get new authors to promote, driving more traffic to their site. Authors get an instant blog tour with little to no effort on their part. Brain to Books builds audience and reputation. It’s a win-win-win for all.

How it works

When an author submits a tour request from Brain to Books, Brain to Books contacts the 100+ bloggers on standby. Bloggers then review the author’s request and decide for themselves if the book fits their audience. If they are interested in hosting a tour, the blogger contacts the author directly.

Brain to Books offers free tours from June through December. We love announcing new releases, debut authors, and cover reveals!

Note: While any author can request a tour at any time in our off-season, this does not guarantee a tour. Brain to Books only submits tour requests to Brain to Books bloggers. While we usually see a 10% contact rate, some requests do see less than 10% while others see more than 10%. Brain to Books and Brain to Books Bloggers do not guarantee a tour or your success. We only provide the opportunity.



What does a Brain to Books Blog Tour entail? What are my responsibilities?

Here are some basic rules for bloggers to follow:

Blog what you know. There is little difference between a blog and a short story. Write what you know. Fiction, non-fiction, articles on your thoughts or perceptions. It can be anything. You never have too little of an audience to cater. The number 1# rule of theater: If you have an audience of 1 perform like you have an audience of 10,000. It doesn’t matter who follows or how many listen. Have confidence that those who love you are there and listening, and they are the audience you want. Give them your best.

For author promotion, you will want to do what the author wants, but with your readers in mind. If you readers enjoy author interviews, excerpts, or games, that is what you ask from authors. Most authors are happy to accommodate anything. If you’re not sure, start off small. Start with a book cover, a blurb, buy links, and a small author bio.

Conduct an author interview, or post an excerpt. Some bloggers read the books and host reviews and follow up interviews with the authors. A blog reflects you the blogger.

A Brain to Books blog is no different and we’re very lenient as to how this is done. The blog is yours. The promo belongs to the author. All Brain to Books does is connect reader with blogger. The rest is up to author and blogger to work something out that benefits both parties involved.


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