Blog Tours 101

Blog Tours 101
Post published on 20 May 2015

A lot of people have come to me with comments that they are new to blog tours, but are pushing ahead because “they have to at some point anyway.”

This post is to ease your nerves a bit if you’re new to blog tours.

“Blog tour” sounds scary because it is an unknown, but fairly new practice of the pros. I’m here to tell you blog touring is so simple you’ll feel embarrassed about being scared at all. I was.

Let’s start with “Blog Stop.”

A “blog stop” consists of two people. The host and the author. The host usually makes the offer and the author accepts. Many bloggers host for free because it drives viewers to their sites. Many authors are now hosting to increase networking and to exchange favors with an author. This is how I got started. I hosted blog stops/promos before I was featured as an author and it taught me a lot for when it was my turn.

Once the author accepts, the host requests a list of items.

Author bio
Author pic
Book cover
Book blurb
Book review
Hyper links

These are some samples of traditional things you will see on a “Stop.” The combined information seen at a stop is called a “promo” (Short for “promotion”).

The author usually supplies these items in an email and the host and author agree on a day to post. Usually they choose a day close to a book release or sale to help boost the author’s sales. Both parties advertize the event until the promo. On the day of posting, the host posts the promo and notifies the author, who notifies their social media group of the info. Readers love reading interviews, so interviews are often the key factor during a tour.

A blog tour is when an author (or an agent) lines up a number of stops so that each day, a new website posts a promo. If a reader were to “follow” the author to each of these sites, it gives the appearance of the author literally “touring” the internet much like a book tour only online and on blogs instead of bookstores. In fact, everything was prepped and written weeks in advance.

If you have something to add or questions, go ahead and post them. 🙂

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