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Hello, Authors!

Panel Discussions is one of the two events that are highly unusual for the CyCon. Unlike everything else, which is pre-scheduled, Panel Discussions is live! Last year, the Discussion Panels were the center of the CyCon. There were a lot of pros, a lot of cons, a lot of concerns, and a lot of cries for more. In addition to increasing the number of Panels, in 2017, we are increasing quality control.

What is a Panel Discussion?

A panel discussion is simply a topic proposed for discussion. A group of people then sit around and discuss the topic live. Viewers can then jump in, comment, and discuss.


  • You must have headphones or earbuds.
  • You must have a webcam, though we can work around this.
  • Expect to use Google Hangouts as this links the video to YouTube and Google+.
  • Between three or four people + moderator will be assigned to a discussion. We have found that 5 or more seriously complicates the discussion.

Guests are responsible for…

  1. Arriving at each conversation 15 minutes prior to start.
  2. Keeping the atmosphere around you silent. If you need to, mute your mic when you not talking.
  3. Absolutely under no circumstances are you to complain about tech while we are live. Readers are watching. Put your best foot forward.
  4. Prepare to exit the call as soon as we are done recording. We can not hang around to chat (Joe Live provides a live hangout for this)
  5. Keep the topic on topic and moving.
  6. Do not sell your books during the topic! Brain to Books will provided links selling your books for you both on the panel and on B2BCyCon.
  7. Everyone is required to advertise the Cyber Convention and Book Expo via social media during the Cyber Convention.

Moderators needed

  • Moderators will not be participating in the discussion. They are only there to monitor for quality control. A moderator:
  • watches the clock. A discussion should not last longer than 30 minutes.
  • Grants each guest a turn to speak.
  • Monitors racism, prejudice, slander, and abuse.
  • Keeps the conversation alive and going
  • Keeps the discussion on topic.

Each discussion requires one moderator. To sign up as a moderator, please fill out the form below. You are more than welcome to moderate multiple discussions.


We need topics! Topics should be directed toward the reader interests and not writers. This is not a writer’s workshop. This is not a writer’s conference. This is a reader’s convention. If you have a topic suggestion, please propose it on the form below.

Writer Wars

Writing Wars is a little something I started and it worked out beautifully. Hot topics are selected and four people, two per team, face off in friendly, though very heated debate. Jin Okubo, Karina Kantas, Heidi Angell, and Tim Bateson, Shane Wilson! I’d LOVE to see you back in this! All of you made excellent word warriors!

Contact Form and email

If there are any issues at all or questions, you can always email me directly at angelabchrysler [at] gmail [dot] com or use the contact form below.

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