B2BCyCon Genre Assistant

Hello, Genre Assistants!

At one point or another, you expressed an interest in signing up as a genre assistant for the Brain to Books 2017 Cyber Convention. Thank you for your help! If there was a misunderstanding, or if something has come up so you can no longer accommodate this position please let me know immediately!

Here is your assignment!




Ed Ireland
Urban Fantasy Timothy Bateson
Science fiction Ani Manjikian & Kylie Jude
Romance Jade Royal & martha tucker
Historical Romance Allison Bruning  & Beverlee A. Couillard
Paranormal Romance Tabitha Barret
Contemporary Romance
Fantasy Romance
Erotica Lisette Kristensen
Horror Anita Stewart & Em Lehrer
Thriller Karina Kantas
Short story/Anthologies/Poetry
Nonfiction/Biography/Memoir Charlene Diane Jones & Jennifer Zamora
Paranormal Heidi Angell
Young Adult Cassidy Taylor
Christian David Wiley


These individuals will be working with me directly…

If someone needs help, if we have a crisis, you are my go-to people in the following genres.


Ashley Capes
Science fiction Kylie Jude
Romance Martha Tucker
Historical Romance Beverlee A. Couillard
Horror Em Lehrer
Dystopian  Lela Markham


If the genre is voted in…

New Adult Rachel Barnard
Contemporary Fiction Christina Philippou
Historical Fiction Ashley Nestler
Dystopian Fiona Padmore & Lela Markham

What is a Genre Assistant?

The genre assistant is a big job and requires a lot of attention in March 2017. Genre assistant is basically the manager of hosts in that genre. You make sure all the blog tour links are working for your genre, (bloggers are the ones to organize it.) You track all the activity and events associated with the genre and if there are opportunities to link the events, you take it. You also report to me on the status of all the events for that genre.

GENRE ASSISTANTS! No author should contact with a question! Authors will be advised to contact the help lines and/or their event host. If an author does contact you with a question, please direct them to the correct “call” line.

Genre Assistants are responsible for:

  1. Working with event hosts on ideas for your genre
  2. Organizing and implementing a hyperlink path to all the events within your genre.
  3. Providing Angela with a list of all the events with links regarding your genre.
  4. Everyone is required to advertise the Cyber Convention and Book Expo via social media during the Cyber Convention.
  5. Check the database to confirm everyone who has registered has been scheduled.


Volunteer needed

I need one one individual who is willing to oversee the genre Assistants. This volunteer will be in charge of collecting and answering questions from the genre assistants. If this position interests you, please contact Angela immediately. If there are any issues at all or questions, you can always email me directly at angelabchrysler [at] gmail [dot] com or use the contact form below.

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