Angela B. Chrysler is a multi-genre author and entrepreneur.

Just breathe. We got this.

My goal with Brain to Books has always been to keep the CyCon running smooth. For the 2017 season, we’ve made a few changes to better assist you. 

As always, don’t panic. Just breathe. We got this.

I've emailed Customer Service and I haven't gotten a response.

First off, we want to apologize for the delay. Customer service usually requires 72 hours to respond to your email. If this is an emergency, and you have waited beyond the 72 hours, email Angela B. Chrysler directly at [email protected]

How do I sign up for 2018?

After CyCon, Brain to Books goes to sleep. At this time, the only thing we have planned year round is The Book Cave. CyCon will be back for 2018. If you want to be sure you are here for 2018, the best thing to do is become a Brain to Books Member.

I would like to submit an Excerpt for the Expo.

Unfortunately, we can not accept excerpts. This is just too much work to include these. If we do bring them in for 2018, there will be a $10.00 charge per excerpt because there is that much work involved.
I recommend posting your excerpt on your site and link your site to the Blog Hop.

How do I make the most of this? What can I to encourage participation? What am I supposed to do?

The best way to encourage participation from your readers is to let them know about CyCon. We see the best results from newsletters designed  just for CyCon. Talk about it with your readers. Post banners on your site and in your social media. Blog about CyCon. Let them know that this is the event to attend if readers want to see what has been published in the last year.
So what are you supposed to do during CyCon? CyCon is designed so that you do nothing during CyCon and can focus 100% on your readers, or be entirely absent. Mingle, network, talk with everyone. Join us on Joe Live, be sure you make appearances on Facebook and Goodreads. Feel free to build your own event, just be sure you send us the link so we can post it at CyCon and direct our traffic to you (this is a free service offered only to registered authors). 

Can you please check to see what else I need to send in?

Unfortunately, we receive this request too often to accommodate it beyond 17 March 2017. Checking each order for this information on a one-on-one basis takes more than an hour, which is time we need to be building CyCon.
You can check the Author Portal to see which forms you have or have not submitted  here on Goodreads.

What is a CyberCon?

A CyberCon or Cyber Convention is an online Convention. Inspired by the Comic Convention in San Diego, I dropped the Science Fiction theme and opened it up to readers and writers of all genres. A Convention is an organized meeting with the sole purpose of celebrating a theme with the fandom. The theme for Brain to Books Cyber Convention is Books, both reading and writing them. Where CyberCon differs is our convention is online and affordable making it possible for anyone to attend on a global scale. We remove travel, lodgings, and the majority of expense for those attending the CyberCon.

Why should I sign up for CyCon?

CyCon unites many voices into a single message to reach a larger audience than any of us could reach on our own. We are all authors coming together on three days, and we are all simultaneously inviting our own readers to the Convention. The goal is to swap audiences, exchange readers, and network. 

Is there a B2BCyCon Community I can join?

Yes. We have a Facebook group that is open to the public and a Goodreads Group for participating members only.

Who is this event for?

“A person’s a person no matter how small.”
Doctor Seuss actually inspired my idea. I created this event because I wanted to unite writers. I saw so many authors calling out to the masses in a single voice shouting, “I am here!” I felt like none of us were being heard. I realized we could be heard if we united our marketing efforts and our voices. I called in every author I knew and together, we turned the hundreds of “I” into a single “WE.” It worked! Everyone advertises the same event. Everyone brings their platform in a mass-exchange of readers. We build it for the readers, giving readers dozens of reasons to attend. By uniting us, we make far more of an impact and we demand readers and the publishing world to acknowledge us and take us seriously. Indie authors can be just as good—and sometimes better—than traditional authors. Together, we can be heard and acknowledged.

How many readers attend the event?

Everyone is a reader at the CyCon, but approximately 60% of our members our just readers. In 2015, we had 160 authors and no readers. We forgot to invite them. 🙂 In 2016, we had 780 members. 300 of them were authors. We are eager to see our numbers for 2017.

What benefits do authors get from the CyCon?

Authors gain a number of benefits. The first of these is networking. Most authors who attend the CyCon walk away with new networking tools and stronger relationships with other authors. Confidence is the second thing many authors walk away with. A number of authors who spent the majority of their time stuck in the introvert lifestyle of the writer’s cave, emerged from the cave to discover so many authors just like themselves. Following the CyCon, we see a vast number of podcasts opening up, interviews, cross-promotion…so much effort all around that brings this community closer together. Authors have reported walking away with more marketing experience. Better advertising know-how. Several authors have shared their statistics. Some have seen a vast jump in sales and newsletter subscriptions. Many who saw little to no improvement in sales during the CyCon have come back later to report how the CyCon brought them future sales and boosted visibility months after the CyCon died down.

What advice do you have for authors attending for the first time?

My advice would have to be, don’t panic. Take a deep breath. Just ask.
Walking in to Brain to Books feels like you just stepped into the factory of a major corporation through the wrong door. You see twenty different assembly lines and, the sounds of machines drown out all the shouting. It’s organized chaos.
Authors coming in to Brain to Books notice right away how big it is. Many authors have reported how scared and intimidating it feels and have expressed how confused they are—something we work every day to eliminate.
As of October 2016, we have several volunteers all on stand by waiting to help you out and point you in the right direction. Email me or browse the sites. We have two sites to keep this giant organized: braintobooks.com and b2bcycon.com. Both sites include a “help” and “contact” section in the menu. I will be adding a “Start Here” page visible on the menus, showing you exactly where to start. “Getting Around” will also be added for 2017, giving you a bird’s eye view of the Convention.

How can an author maximize their success at this event?

Let’s define “success” before I answer this question.
“The accomplishment of an aim or purpose” as defined by Google.
The purpose of the CyberCon is not to boost your sales. While many have reported an increase in sales, this is not what you should be thinking about. The purpose of the CyberCon is networking, building confidence, finding the community, hands-on learning how to market yourself. If your sales boost in the process, consider that a perk. I have seen so many authors come into the CyCon shy, scared, confused, and filled with self-doubt. I have seen those same authors emerge with confidence, strength, determination, and ready to take on the world. The CyCon destroys isolation and loneliness. “Hope,” Ani has said to me so many times. That is what Brain to Books does. It gives authors hope. It transforms introverts into powerhouses inspired by the community so you can take what you learned at the CyCon with the people you met at the CyCon, and market yourself more confidently than ever before.
Now, if you’re looking to maximize your success, be everywhere. Be involved. Jin Okubo who lives in Japan was about as cut off from the community as one could be. Last week he was leading up a panel discussion with Joe Compton who hosted Joe Live in the 2016 CyCon. Ani Manjikian jumped in and thrived in the CyCon. Now, she is my lead tech for 2017. Author Charlene Diane Jones saw a 600% increase in sales from the 2016 B2BCyCon. Charlene was seen in the Discussion Panels, on Joe Live, in the blog tours, in the Book Expo, the author showcase… Charlene was everywhere. Those who reported no increase in sales literally posted their information in Goodreads and did nothing else. The authors who were active and everywhere saw results whether it be in networking, sales, or education. The authors who put in minimum effort and didn’t show up the days of the Convention saw little results. You want to maximize your results? Compose a marketing plan—contact me if you don’t know how—and use the B2BCyCon to execute that plan. That is how you maximize your results.

Do you have any preparation tips?

Yes! Expect this to be big going in. Embrace for that impact and you’ll get through it. Many of us are eager to hold your hand through this. Training is available.
If you’re wanting to be a featured author, register on the Brain to Books website. Be sure to complete the forms provided to best of your ability. Ask us if you don’t know. Always ask. Be prepared to post Brain to Books ads on your Twitter header, Facebook header, Google+ header, and on your website. This is a mandatory part of participation this year and moving forward. We can’t afford advertising (yet), so every little bit helps. After that, there really is nothing to do, but sit back and enjoy the convention.
If you’re going to be on webcam, you must have ear buds or headphones, and please provide a quiet environment for recording.
If you’re a volunteer, get a lot of sleep. You’re going to need it. Attending the convention literally is a three day adrenaline rush. Most can’t sleep if they wanted to. Always ask and be proactive. If you foresee a problem and act, we can prevent a lot of complications. If you are a born procrastinator, jump in. We’ll motivate you.

What's new for the 2017 year?

We have so much new for 2017! First thing are the websites. In 2015 and 2016, #B2BCyCon was organized on Goodreads. There was a lot of confusion. My primary goal for 2017 is to simplify and clarify. We have maps, the website, more events. The Starving Artist event is new and we’re introducing Cosplay Contests where authors can submit a photo of themselves dressed up as one of their characters. We’re raising money this year to keep Brain to Books running, which allows us to start awarding cash prizes to winning authors.
In 2017, signing up has never been easier. We have a number of new advertising methods coming in this year and so much new potential. Already, I’m seeing so many new faces. The volunteers are new and the mass organization is new. I am also so very proud to announce that Brain to Books is being registered as an LLC, making us an official small business, which gives us a lot more credibility, and a lot more freedom.

What do you foresee in 2018?

First off, I want to add a toll free 800 line allowing authors to call in if they need help. I’d love to turn my volunteers into paid employees. I want to buy advertising, hire a PR company and push marketing on a pro scale. I want to sell ad space on B2BCyCon.com. I want to refine the process and improve our tech, servers, hosts, and websites. I want to hire a pro graphic artist. I want the terms undiscovered author and indie author to be associated with Brain to Books. I want the world to finally acknowledge the talent and skills of undiscovered authors and recognize us as professionals and not hobbyists or wanna-be authors.

Where does the money go for CyCon?

Brain to Books costs a few thousand dollars to run. In the first two years, Angela B. Chrysler paid out of pocket to keep the CyCon up and running. This year CyCon simply has accrued too many expenses. We have websites to purchase, servers to buy, professional looking graphics, and a book cover to dress our anthology. Any additional funds will be spent on advertising for CyCon. 

The name listed on my event(s) is not my pen name. How do I fix this?

The name that appears on events is the name I received through PayPal when I downloaded the orders. As a result, we are ending up with a few incorrect author names (Something we now know for next year).

If you find that your private and/or real name is listed on your account, please let me know at once, and I’ll fix it. You can mail me at [email protected] Use the subject line “B2BCYCON NAME CHANGE” or fill out this form (depending on the level of urgency).

I will need the link where you found the error, the name posted (I will not know your real name from your pen name), and the name you do want to use.  

I can't open my form.

You will need to double check the link and be sure you have a log in for the form. All forms are available here.

What is the difference between Blog Hop and Genre Tour?

Blog Hop simply puts your blog in the path of reader traffic and is perfect for authors looking to build newsletter subscriptions. Traffic is directed to your author blog where you post things about you.Contact Angela B. Chrysler for getting involved.
Genre Tour is about the Genre. Traffic is directed to blogger sites (not author sites) and features the genre and CyCon. Any post you provide is not about you. It’s about the genre. The goal is to celebrate the Genre. Contact your genre manager about getting involved.

Which events do you recommend?

I strongly recommend the Book Expo. Many authors love the Author Showcase. If you are looking for a basic experience with CyCon, try the CyCon Sampler, which offers all of our most popular events.

Is there an official hashtag for the event?


I never received the graphics or banners for my website.

All graphics for the Brain to Books Cyber Convention are available for your use here. Help yourself and take what you need.

I'm interested, but have no idea where to start.

I ordered Genre Tours and am waiting to hear from someone. Where do I go for further direction?

If you ordered Genre Tours, you will need to get to our Goodreads Group where our Genre Managers are currently working with authors to arrange the tour. Check your email. You should have received an email from us on Friday with the Goodreads link. You can also contact our Customer Service for the Members Only Goodreads Group link.

I need my form(s).

All forms are available here.

Why can't I view my order?

Your order wasn’t connected to your user account or you aren’t logged in. If you are logged in, then we need your email so we can link your account on our end. This takes only a minute to do.

When is the CyCon?

The CyCon is always held in April, and we always take the holidays into account so it will never land on Easter or Passover. We usually try to schedule it for the first weekend in April. This year, CyCon is scheduled for 7, 8, & 9 April 2017.

Where is the B2BCyCon being held?

B2BCyCon is held all over the internet, but our headquarters is http://www.b2bcycon.com. B2BCyCon.com is the trunk of this tree with lines that branch out through the internet. We have events on Google+, YouTube, Goodreads, and Facebook. We have blog tours happening across more than 20 websites worldwide. Links for all these events will be located at www.b2bcycon.com under the “getting around” section.

How long does the CyCon last?

The CyCon always starts on a Friday and goes through Saturday, ending on Sunday around 7:00 PM EST. An After Party is scheduled.

When does registration begin?

Registration opens 1 October 2016 and ends 17 March 2017. We open registration here.

Which event(s) do you recommend?

The events we recommend are solely based on what authors are comfortable doing. First and foremost, we recommend the Book Expo. The name of the event is “Brain to Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo.” It’s in the name. Throw your books into the Book Expo.
If you are an extrovert and shine on camera, we recommend panels or Joe Live. If you are shy, we recommend the Genre Tour or Story Time where you can submit an excerpt of your own book and we will have it read for you. If you’re competitive, consider one of our several tournaments or Cover Wars. We have Blog Hop to show off your blog or website. Genre Tours provides a broad view of the CyCon and is eager to showcase a little something you’ve done for the CyCon. We recommend the Anthology, donating to the Brain to Books Giveaway, or compiling a Grab Bag for the occasion. Above all, we recommend you join us for three crazy days of fun.

Can I purchase only one event now, and an event later?

You may purchase as many events as you want at any time.

Am I allowed to change my mind after purchase about my events?

Yes. We are completely flexible and will do as much as we can to accommodate your needs. Simply contact our Customer Service department with the change.

Why are you charging for events this year?

In short, because we’ve grown too big to host the CyCon on Goodreads. We received a mass request in 2016 to have the CyCon hosted on it own website. We couldn’t argue with this request and are thrilled to open both Braintobooks.com and b2bcycon.com. However, we need servers that can handle the traffic. Servers alone cost $2,000. In addition to the costs of servers, we are too big to remain unlicensed. We must be LLC’d this year: an $800 expense. Due to our growth, we also have to upgrade Mailchimp, upgrade on hosting costs, and upgrade on tech. All in all, the CyCon now costs $3,000 to run. That’s money I have to pay out of pocket. I just can’t afford to keep the CyCon operating for free.

How do I request a refund?

All refund requests are forwarded to Angela B. Chrysler who submits the request as soon as it is received. We do not deny any refund requests and do everything in our power to provide you with a positive Brain to Books experience.

Why isn't CyCon free anymore?

B2BCyCon costs $3,000 to run every year and many authors are very eager about having CyCon available to them to market. This expense is one I pay out of pocket every year. I just can’t pay for this anymore. Either I charge authors or I shut CyCon down.
Every author needs to spend $20.00 for CyCon to pay for itself.  So far, the average author pays $15.00. At this time, CyCon is still costing me money to run, so, yes, authors now are required to pay. I was tempted to charge a starting rate of $20.00, but I understand many authors can only spend $5.00 or $10.00, which is why many of the events are only $5.00 and $10.00.

Who do I contact?

Here is a list of volunteers. FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ANYONE ON THIS LIST.
  • Owner – Angela B. Chrysler – [email protected]
  • Customer Service – [email protected]
  • Fantasy – Timothy Bateson <[email protected]>
  • Science Fiction – Kylie Jude <[email protected]>
  • Science Fantasy – Richard Mulder <[email protected]>
  • Romance – Tabitha Barret <[email protected]
  • Marketing – Heidi Angell <[email protected]>
  • Mystery, Suspense, Thriller – Lisette Kristensen <[email protected]>
  • Motorcycle – Karina Kantas <[email protected]>
  • Horror – Anita Stewart <[email protected]>
  • Memoir – Charlene Jones <[email protected]>
  • Historical Fiction – Jessi Hafeman <[email protected]>
  • Tech problem – Ani Manjikian <[email protected]>



Sorted by Events

  • Joe Live – Joe Compton
  • Author Interviews – Kori D. Miller
  • Genre Tours – Speak to your genre manager.
  • Blog Hop – Angela B. Chrysler – [email protected]
  • Panel Discussions Angela B. Chrysler – [email protected]
  • Word Wars – Angela B. Chrysler – [email protected]
  • Story Time – Angela B. Chrysler – [email protected]
  • Anthology – Angela B. Chrysler – [email protected]
  • Cover Wars – Heidi Angell <[email protected]>

I want to talk to a real person about my problem. Where do I go?

If you have something you wish to discuss, start with Customer Service at [email protected] You can also ask questions in our Facebook Group. If you are a participating author, you can also check in at our Goodreads Group

I'm a registered author and want to receive updates.

Every Friday, Brain to Books owner emails all participants a weekly newsletter from February to April 2017. This newsletter contains weekly changes, news, updates, and directions. If you don’t want to wait until Friday, be sure you check in at our Goodreads Group.  All members are messaged on Friday, and weekly updates are posted all week within the group. Check your spam folder. Communications come from  [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]

Will I get paid for helping out with CyCon?

No. CyCon runs only on volunteers. A volunteer stops being a volunteer and becomes an employee the moment money is exchanged. This opens us up to tax laws and business laws that currently do not apply to Brain to Books because we run on the generosity of volunteers. To hire employees, Brain to Books will have to be LLC’d, which is an expense that starts at $2,000. In order to cover that expense, I would have to charge authors a lot more than $5.00 per event to raise the funds.  Brain to Books runs on volunteers who donate their passion for the work because we want to keep Brain to Books affordable for all authors.

Where is the schedule for Panel Discussions?

You can view the schedule for Panel Discussions and Word Wars here.

How do I check to see what forms I've sent in?

At this time, we have no way for authors to track their own forms. We are hoping to add this feature for 2018. If you need to know which forms you have sent in, email customer service at [email protected]

Where do I send my information?

All required information is submitted through the forms or is mailed to [email protected]

How much time is required to prepare for the CyCon?

Preparation depends on how much or how little you register for. It also depends on what you sign up for.

How much time needs to be donated to these three days?

98% of the CyCon is all pre-scheduled and pre-planned. On the days of the CyCon, the only authors who need to make a physical appearance, are those who appear on Panel Discussions, Joe Live, and Word Wars. Everything else—and I do mean everything else—is pre-scheduled or pre-recorded months in advance. The scheduling is done by volunteers. Registered authors only need to register, pay the fee, fill out the form, and learn as little or as much as they want on marketing. Our goal is to take all the work off the author’s plate to allow them the time to learn marketing skills. If the forms are filled out properly and immediately following purchase, then the author only needs to post the marketing on their site and throughout social media and invite their readers. That’s it! Registered authors who have not signed up for any live appearances, can wander the CyCon as a reader and spend the time mingling, meeting new authors, and playing the games we worked hard to build.

Is there anything technical attendees need to know how to do?

We have two tech departments: our IT department lead by Ani Manjikian who is building her own team. Ani and her team will be handling the servers so we don’t crash during the Convention like we did in 2016 when we had 20,000 hits.
The second “tech” team is really a data entry team for WordPress. Those volunteers will pull authors’ information from an Excel spreadsheet then build and schedule WordPress posts at www.b2bcycon.com. If you know what HTML looks like, if you understand how to copy and paste the code to and from the text section of a WordPress post, you can most definitely help out. If you know how to read and reply to emails, you can help out. That is really all our “tech” team or data entry team needs to know.

What genres/topics do you not allow?

For those who are wondering, yes, we welcome erotica. Brain to Books happily represents nearly every genre with a few exceptions. Anything that promotes illegal acts (such as terrorism, hate speech, pedophilia etc.) and does not fall under protected speech under U.S. laws is not permitted in the CyCon.
Click here for more information about Categories of Unprotected Expression.

What is a booth?

Simply put, a booth is a conversation thread on Goodreads in the Fairgrounds. We use the term “booth” to help authors and readers get the “feel” of a true fair ground. While we no longer use the term, it still hangs around.

How can authors become involved?

There are several ways an author can become involved. They can be a featured author,  a volunteer, or they can collaborate with Brain to Books and bring in their own company. They can also be an event host.
As our members grow, we require more volunteers and will take anyone willing to help.This year we are bringing in volunteers on call to help answer questions, data entry, we have recruits, advertisers, blog tour hosts, event hosts, genre assistants to help organize all the events in a single genre. Authors can volunteer here.

Is the CyCon fun?

Oh, heck yes! Our team is laid back. Playful, busy, respectful, and sincerely excited about the CyCon. There are no mistakes. No strict rules. No hard guidelines. We are eager to welcome shy introverts and walk them through every step. Each volunteer, each author is free to do as little or as much as they want. No judgment, no requirements. Many of us are dedicated, passionate artists, thrilled to be part of this annual event. It’s our time to shine and show off our talents. For three days we step into the spotlight and shine.