Hello, all!

Before you see this and panic, relax. Every one of you have probably all done this before. As of 2017, we are no longer able to accommodate the masses free of charge. Everyone needs to help with advertising. Everyone must do something to help. Brain to Books has no funding at this time leaving us unable to pay for professional marketing and advertising. We hope this will change for 2017 and on.

Until then, we need everyone posting a banner on their websites, mentioning this event in their newsletters, posting this event on their social media. In 2017, everyone needs to post the Brain to Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo on as many social media platforms as they are able.


In 2015 and 2016, many of the authors were tied up in live events during the CyCon. No more. As of 2017, everything—with the exception of Joe Live and the Panel Discussions—will be pre-scheduled. This means almost everyone should be doing nothing on the CyCon days, except advertising.

Ways to Advertise

  • Banners posted on your website
  • Banners posted on all your social media headers such as Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.
  • Post Tweets, post in Facebook, post in Google+.
  • Spread the word through daily conversations.
  • Mention the event in your newsletters
  • Visit your local libraries and let them know
  • Support the Thunderclap!

Did you know that of the 350+ authors participating in the CyCon in 2016, only 120 supported the Thunderclap? If you register as a participating author, take the time to give back.


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