About CyCon Membership

CyCon Membership comes with a number of advantages.

Our authors are first to receive news about upcoming Brain to Books events and CyCon.  Our readers receive a monthly edition of The Book Cave: A Brain to Books newsletter that showcases new releases and preorders for authors. Our authors receive a monthly opportunity to showcase their new releases, preoders, and updates.


About our Giveaways

Brain to Books is stationed in Endicott, NY.

According to New York State laws, all private giveaways hosted by unregistered games and giveaways must be held privately within a group to be considered legal. Because we value our freedom and respect the laws, Brain to Books only hosts giveaways among its members, making all our giveaways a privately hosted giveaway. Therefore, anyone who entries one of our drawings must be a member and must consent to having their email address added to our mailing list.


But what does this mean?

This means, when you submit your email address to our giveaway, we will add your to our mailing list: The Book Cave. Our mailing list is a monthly email that provides readers with monthly new releases, pre-orders, and featured readers. It includes recipes and articles written by Brain to Books owner, Angela B. Chrysler.

All subscribers are provided with an option to unsubscribe and still remain a member. This means you will receive one email a year.

In February 2018, members receive a single message notifying you about the upcoming 4th Annual Brain to Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo.


If you wish to become a member now and ease your worry about entering any giveaways, feel free to subscribe now. You will receive the first email around 12 April 2017, welcoming you to The Book Cave.

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