7 Points That Should Be On Every Author’s “To Do” List

7 Points That Should Be On Every Author’s “To Do” List


So you want to be an author? Here is everything you need to do if you’re planning on venturing out.


  1. Decide on a Call to Action (CTA)

What is a Call to Action? A CTA is the one command you want from your fans. No. It’s not “Buy My Book.” It’s “Join my Mailing List.” This is the first stage to Funnel Marketing. It’s a real thing. Google it.

Funnel Marketing works like this: If you have one chance to sell to a stranger what are they most likely to do? Make a gamble and spend their money or give you a business card without commitment? They are most likely to pass you a business card. Spending money is a risk and there are a lot of people out there who are cautious or who don’t take risks. By getting them onto your mailing list, you now have the chance to build and nourish a relationship, which can lead to a book sale. You don’t want a non-buyer walking away without giving you their contact info!

  1. Prepare your Mailing List.

Where? Mailchimp. You will want a landing page. This is the one place you need everyone to go. This is your “check in at the door.” When you build your list, be sure you opt in for “double opt in” and select the GDPR guidelines. (This is why I recommend Mailchimp). Mailchimp is FREE until you have 2,000+ followers. If you have 2,000 followers, most likely you’re making money.

Oh! Wait! Give incentive to your followers. Don’t just have them sign up. Give them something for signing up. A sample of your writing is good enough. Access to EXCLUSIVE content is perfect. Use the word “Exclusive” as much as you can when selling your brand. I just launched a “Get free stuff every month” program and already I’m seeing the difference. Talk to your subscribers every month. EVERY. MONTH. Remind them that you’re there.

  1. Get a Facebook Page.

Link this to your Website (see point #4). You’re going to need this for your fans to connect with you one-on-one. There is a way to connect your website to your social media so (pay attention) every time you post on your blog, it announces the posting on your social media. Suddenly you’re active on social media without being active on social media.

  1. Get a website.

PUT YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE ON YOUR WEBSITE. Too many authors do NOT do this…even the pros. Call your website www.[yourauthorname].com. Don’t name it something cute like “the book corner” or “read a little.” Your name is your brand. USE IT! If you have a book series, call it www.[yourbooktitleseries].com Read more on website building and design.

Provide 5 to 6 things on your menu. NO MORE. These items are:

  • About/Bio (Mandatory)
  • Subscribe/Join (Mandatory)
  • Store/Books/What you’re selling (Mandatory)
  • Contact (Mandatory)
  • Events/Other things you do (Optional)
  • Blog (Recommended)


Brain to Books will work with you on your WordPress site. Our price? Promise us 12 referrals and you’ve got us.

  1. Write a bio

Write your bio in 3rd person. NO BUTS! Give your credentials.  Here’s how to write a bio.

  1. Blog!

Readers want content. Give it to them. Don’t put your blog on your front page. Your front page needs to hold only a few messages: “Yes, you are in the right place” and “This is what I want you to do.” (Join my mailing list).

  1. Read “10 Ways Authors Hurt Themselves” and also “What Readers Want

Here is the link for “10 Ways Authors Hurt Themselves” and also “What Readers Want.”

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