2018 B2BCyCon Welcome Letter

Welcome to Brain to Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo.
I want to take this moment to welcome you to CyCon and to tell you a bit about what you can expect. CyCon is not a traditional business in any sense of the imagination. We tried that. It doesn’t work. Brain to Books is owned by its founder, Angela B. Chrysler. An author, just like you.
Like you, she was frustrated with getting nowhere and came up with CyCon as a way to make a lot more noise with a lot less work. Many hands make for light work, and that is exactly what CyCon is. A lot of hands working together to build one huge event.
CyCon is, in short, a catwalk where authors can come once a year to strut their stuff. Authors provide their information and Angela works with a team of volunteers who build it. We all then invite our readers to show them just what we can do. Think of this as a huge reader swap.
CyCon is great for networking, starting or growing a platform, and getting involved and engaging with the online author community. CyCon is not a great place for getting book sales. CyCon is hands on. We are not a for-profit business that takes your money and leaves you in the dark. While we try to do most of the work, you may need to lend a hand depending on the events. Panel Discussions requires your attendance. The Blog Tours require that you build a post on your website. The Anthology requires a short story written by you.
We barely make just enough to cover the expenses, and we all help out to put out the biggest online show for undiscovered authors. CyCon is run and built by authors, for authors, just like you. There is no tier system, and no faceless entity at the top taking your money and leaving you clueless.  There is Angela B. Chrysler, a team of substantial volunteers who passionately believe in what we are doing here, and you.
You will be involved. You will be thrown in the thick of this.  And you will build friendships and learn so much about the online author community. You are expected to give only what you can and never more.
We have limited resources and use very little to keep our expenses low so we can keep our prices low because we know you, like us, are probably limited on funds. We use Facebook, Goodreads, Discord, Twitter, Instagram, and email for all communications. You can reach out to Angela B. Chrysler at any time. We offer one-on-one assistance almost 24/7. We accept everyone from all race, religions, genders, genres, and back grounds. If you love books and are not famous, we have a place for you. If you are famous, we ask that you help us out with advertising.

Using limited resources, we have managed to build for you a Live Support and an author portal on Discord. We will do our best to do as much work as possible for you. We do not have a system to file and store your data. Expect errors that come with a human element that we use to compensate our human error. We use Google forms. We have no tech team or marketing team. We do have a lot of experienced authors who are very passionate about helping each other.

So what can you expect?

Registration is open year round. Nothing happens until January. In January, volunteers start to make plans. These are authors who have experienced CyCon these last few years and know their way around. They trust Angela and know what to expect. Many of them have great ideas and are eager to lead you.
February is when things build up momentum. We see an increase in registration. Excitement starts to build.
But it is March when all the excitement happens. Every March, Angela B. Chrysler and team open all the data we have been collecting all year. For the next three weeks, we build CyCon. We start piecing together book readings, anthologies, and story times. Links are embedded, posts are built, and events are organized. Your full cooperation and understanding is requested and we promise you will receive our patience and dedication in return.
You will receive a series of emails updating you on the following steps per event.

• Initial launch when we begin building
• Follow up and request that you review the event
• Edits and revisions are applied
• We ask that you again review the event and approve.
• Final posting.

Any additional changes and errors are corrected and made right up until the day CyCon goes live.
Many of us will work 60+ hours a week in March. In the past, we have juggled more than 200 authors and we have a blast doing it!
With 5 years of experience behind us, we have mastered the art of building and preparing events down to the day and can predict exactly how much time is required for each.

We want you happy and ready to return for the next year. We value our relationship with you and want you to love us enough to tell everyone you know.
While we ask that all information is to us no later than 1 March 2018, we are happy to accommodate any and all situations. I can not make this any clearer: your family and health is our highest priority. Our goal from Day #1 has always been to make marketing fun, enjoyable, exciting, and stress-free. If you feel CyCon is interfering with your personal life, stop immediately and consult with Angela. We will work something out.

So what do we recommend?
We fondly refer to new authors as First Years. If this is your first year to CyCon and you’re feeling nervous, we recommend taking a back seat to CyCon. What we mean is, order no more than three events, and be sure these events require little to no work from you.

For First Years, we strongly recommend Book Expo, Author Showcase, and a Blog Tour. You will need to send us your book’s ISBN, your author Bio, and a URL link to your webpage or blog. At some point, you will need to build a post/page on your site for CyCon and schedule it for 15 April 2020 10 AM EST (This gives us a day to test all links prior to CyCon going live).
This is a simple intro to CyCon, that allows you to experience the most out of CyCon with minimal work on your part. It’s the perfect combo for authors who are nervous, not tech savvy, are too busy to promote, or are new to CyCon, or are feeling overwhelmed. And you’re always free to add more to your purchase if you’re feeling confident.
If you love to talk and are a social bug, we strongly recommend the Panel Discussions or Joe Live. If you have a competitive streak, consider Cover Wars or Character Tournaments.
Don’t try to do everything! There is a lot and it’s easy to try and do everything. Don’t do that. We’ll be back next year.

If you wish to volunteer, contact Angela and let her know! If you own a business or run an organization, we welcome any cross-promotion. We happily and eagerly post any and all links to outside events in exchange for advertising.

That being said, I want to personally thank you for taking time out to learn more about Brain to Books and CyCon.

Live Support – Ask away and get help from the community and volunteers.
Author Portal – Check in on our most basic data. Check your form status. Work with genre managers.
Contact Angela – Email Angela or message her on Discord or Facebook.
FAQ – View the most frequently asked questions for CyCon.
CyCon Status – This is a page where you can go to always see the most current status of each event.
Submit your information – Everything you need including instructions on getting your information to us.
Save the Date –
Banners – We provide all the graphics you need for CyCon.

Which genres do we accept?
Fiction only
Science Fiction
Science Fantasy
Urban Fantasy/Paranormal

We do not accept Non-Fiction, Children’s books, picture books.

We do accept YA, however YA is added to its genre.
Harry Potter would be placed with Fantasy and not YA.
Hunger Games would be placed with Dystopian (Soft Science Fiction)
Twilight would be romance (paranormal)

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