Goodreads… Getting Started

Goodreads… Getting Started
Published on: Jan 17, 2015

I just read an article written by Ellis Shuman about Goodreads at

The article posed a lot of questions I have had myself and many others.  My response to Mr. Shuman is a collection of my own findings. May you also find your own questions regarding Goodreads answered here.

Ellis Shuman: What I can’t [understand is how to leverage Goodreads as] a platform for a self-published author of fiction.

Angela B Chrysler: Goodreads is the best social platform out there for writers. Of all the platforms, GR collects exactly what authors need. Readers! However, GR has no “How To” or “map” to help the clueless out, like myself. Of all the social platforms, GR has taken me the longest to learn. It is the one I know the least about and here is why:

There is no social center forum room. There needs to be. The closest GR comes to is this group. Join it!

With any social media save Twitter, you have a site with forums, private messages options called PM (private Message) or DM (Direct Message), a “your account” homepage, and groups. On GR, there is no one forum where you can go to say, “Hi, I’m new here. Now what?” There is no place to go to “announce” your ideas, your new groups, or your accomplishments. In fact, there is no place at all. Only an account page and a over 100,000 groups to join.  Most of which are so cluttered you can’t be heard.

On Goodreads, you’re on your own. What I did was use my other social media networks to direct followers to GR. I am doing this now with the Author Cyber Convention. I tell my followers at Google+, Twitter, and FB what I am doing on GR and they tell their friends.

Ellis Shuman: How do readers find you?

Angela B, Chrysler: One of four ways.

They like your book, found you on Twitter, or your webpage and actively sought you out on GR
On Goodreads, they searched for a book while using the feature: “also reading this book”
They saw your comments in a group you are in and followed you back to your account page, saw something on your account page they liked and followed you.
You started a group and when they looked up your group, they found you.

Ellis Shuman: What is a “Goodreads event”?

Angela B, Chrysler: A Goodreads event is a “Cyber Event”. Cyber events are really difficult to understand because they are literally just an “idea”. There is nothing corporeal about them. I’m hosting one and am still psyched over what it is and how it works.

A cyber event is a group of people “verbally committing to meet at a specific location at a specific time for a specific reason”. That is all. You can send out a bulletin to others to let them know, “Hey! At this time I am doing this for this here, Please come.”

To do this, first, you need a plan. What are you going to do? Why do you want these people to come together? Second, you actually need a time, place, location.

Third, Go to the menu at the top of the GR menu bar and select the drop menu next to “Explore”. Go all the way to the bottom and click on “events”. It is literally the last option in the drop menu. You will be directed to an “appointment” book where you enter the date, time, etc you wish to bulletin to all your followers.

Note: Be sure you have something prepared. Be sure you show up on time. That is a “Cyber Event”.

Ellis Shuman: Here’s another question I have: Goodreads was purchased in March by Amazon, so are you allowed to post the same book reviews on the two different websites?

Angela B, Chrysler: Yes! It is in the best interests of future readers for a reviewer to leave a review on both platforms. Amazon is Amazon. Goodreads is Goodreads. It doesn’t matter who owns them, they are two separate social platforms.

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